The Small Stuff

Buy one, get one ½ off!*

Feet & Nails

shave foot pads & trim top paw fur-$10

trim & file nails-$5 polish-$10 


brushing & freshening breath spray-$10


medicated cleansing treatment-$10

ear hair removal-$10

Face & eyes

tear stain removal-$5

face & top knot trim up-$10


anal gland expression & butt bath-$15

sanitary trim-$15

Staying Maintained 


Scissor trimmed eyes, feet & sanitary cut

de-shedding treatment-$39 /add to spa pack-$29 Includes bath, blow-dry & 45-60 minutes of intense brushing & raking


30 minutes of “oh yeah, give me some love!”


Oatmeal, Hypo-allergenic or coat enhancing

medicated bath-$30

Treats skin conditions caused by bacteria or fungus  

Specialty Services

nail caps-$25

Available in an array of colors for petite dogs & cats

doggie hair dye & style-$15 tail, $25 mohawk, $35 tiger or leopard print on body

tapeworm treatment-$20/treatment

​topical flea treatment-$20/treatment


Prerequisites for Grooming 

  • Must be current on rabies, DPP & 6 month bordetella 
  • Must fill out & sign Groom Request Form & Vaccination Release Form

Appointments are strongly recommended, but walkins are accepted if all prerequisites are met and there is a groomer on duty. Grooms will be done on a first come, first served basis and you are expected to pick up your dog as soon as he or she is finished being groomed. Your dog can stay for daycare if your schedule does not permit pick-up as soon as the groom is finished; daycare charges will be applied on an hourly basis 60 minutes from calling for pick-up.  The average time for a groom is two hours for small dogs and four hours for large dogs. 

If your dog does not meet daycare prerequisites, then he/she will be kenneled until pickup. All kenneled dogs receive potty breaks and access to fresh water. 

Spa Packages

  All spa packages include a nail trim and file, tooth brushing, ear    

  cleaning, tear stain removal, brushing, bath, gland expression, dry

  and trim/cut with minimal scissoring. Prices are estimates and will

  be adjusted depending on the dog's temperment and  condition of

  the dog’s coat.   

Pricing estimates

<20 lbs: $45 estimate

20-45 lbs: $55 estimate

46-75 lbs: $65 estimate

75-100 lbs: $85 estimate

>100 lbs: $115 estimate

These prices are typical for short haired dogs or for dogs that only require a shave down.  Plucking ear hair, De-matting treatments, extra brushing and styles requiring excessive scissoring will be extra.  We have the right to preform the services required to achieve a clean dog and/or the cut of your choice without calling you with an updated price quote.  

*all double coated dogs are subject to $120 minimum rate 

*Doodles, Goldens, Standard Poodles, Huskies, German Shepherd Dogs, Cocker Spaniels, Newfies, Spitz, Great Pyreneese, St. Bernard, & Rough Collies~price at groomer discretion *$120 minimum for Spa Package, includes de-shedding treatment and extra brushing, scissoring and plucking ear hair as needed. Drop-off before 9 am with pick-up after 4 pm Monday-Friday; Daycare included in grooming estimate. 





nail trim-$10

bath-$35~bath includes brush & dry

lion cut w/boots $75~includes bath, brush, dry & nails

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