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House Sitting

House sitting is an alternative to boarding your pets.  Instead of taking your pet to be boarded elsewhere, a pet sitter comes to your home to take care of your pet and your home. Our service involves having a person stay overnight in your home plus a midday check-in. This convenient service is valuable for households whom travel frequently but have multiple pets, dogs who do not meet our prerequisites for daycare, sick, disabled or elderly pets, or for those with exotic pets that may get to stressed from traveling.  

You do not need to own pets to take advantage of this service.  If you want an added layer of security while you're away, we can help make your home look occupied.    The sitter will not only flip lights on/off, put blinds up/down, retrieve mail and  water plants,  but will make sure all windows and doors are locked, appliances are turned off, water pipes do not freeze and that all utilities are working normally in your absence.   We can even monitor home improvements scheduled during a time that is not convenient for you to be home.