Daycare for your dog offers socialization and exercise in a supervised, free range setting. Our 1600 sq.ft. facility   offers       three different dog rooms, separated by half walls and gates, as well as a groom room. Dogs are allowed   to play with

  toys and eat treats within their groups. We discourage bad manners concerning food/toy aggression, excessive barking,

  jumping and playing too roughly. Additionally, we walk our dogs outdoors, reinforcing house training rules, as well as         lead training.

  Our daycare service is hands on, as you are paying us for care, custody and

  control of your dog, in your absence.  To control large groups of dogs, and

  keep everyone safe, we have to reinforce boundaries and rules.  We use a

  water bottle, clap our hands and may raise our voice over barking dogs to

  get a group to settle down.  All of the dogs are expected to be on their best

  behavior and we use crates for time-outs to teach dogs their boundaries.  

Enrollment & Pricing

Enrolling your dog into daycare is done by appointment only.   All dog owners are required to complete our Master Service Agreement, present up to date vaccination records, as well as sign an Authorization to Release Vaccination Records, present valid credit card and photo ID, and sign a Required Collar Agreement.  We also recommend that you enroll yourself, your significant other and your dog in a training class.

Requirements for Adult Dogs:

  • must be spayed or neutered,
  • house trained,
  • up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and

          Parainfluenza as well as annual Bordetella.  

  • must pass behavioral evaluation

Requirements for Puppies: 

  • must be spayed or neutered at 9 months
  • up to date on puppy shots with approval from vet that dog is healthy enough to attend daycare
  • behavioral evaluation is waived

  Requirements for OUT OF TOWN GUESTS:

  • up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Parainfluenza as well as annual Bordetella
  • All other requirements are waived with the understanding that if your dog does not behave to our standards, then he or she will be crated for the majority of their stay.





prorated to the minute*

Prepaid Daycare Packages

Per dog

2 days/week monthly: $160

3 days/week monthly: $250

One month unlimited: $525 

(includes free monthly grooming)

One month unlimited 1/2 days: $265

Day Passes

(can be used for multi-dog families)

5 day pass: $99

10 day pass: $195

25 day pass: $480

60 day pass: $1,100

250 day pass: $3,900

*daycare is prorated to the minute for customers on a monthly direct debit plan; daycare is billed to the nearest quarter hour when paying in store.  

Call ahead reservations are mandatory for all daycare members whom have not                                                                             purchased a pre-paid package.  


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All new dogs will have a "training" period, where they learn our rules and                boundaries.  During this time, your dog may receive prolonged time-outs in a crate in order for us to achieve a desired behavior from your dog, and to keep them safe, as anxiety is a sign of weakness in a pack and dogs will "jump" new dogs that do not know their place in the pack.  This time frame varies depending on the dog, and it is recommended that you crate train your dog at home and enroll in a training class so that your dog does not get confused over how he or she is allowed to act, and can graduate from the training period to "All Day Dog Play!."